Studio Policy

Philosophy and Mission:

To provide musical instruction to anyone, no matter what age, ability, or specialty, so they can have their own musical adventures.

Student Responsibilities:

The student agrees to arrive on time to their lesson, well prepared and with all their necessary materials. We are very sorry but if you are late we cannot give you extra time (teachers are booked back to back).

The student will either pay for a lesson package or, for an additional fee, per lesson. Their lesson package must be completed in the amount of weeks that they purchased but they may rearrange their lessons to fit their schedule and the teacher’s schedule.

Students may cancel a lesson if Alex’s Music Studio receives 24-hour notice. However, students do get 2 sick lessons a school year where they may cancel same-day due to illness. Please contact or call (773) 706-8697 to cancel a lesson. Same day cancellations (besides the 2 sick days) will not be made up and there will be no refund.

Teachers Responsibilities:

Our teachers promise to be highly qualified, on time and prepared, professional, and ready to help your child succeed at their instrument!

Our teachers promise to abide by Alex’s Music Studio policies and to direct you to Alex if you have any problems or questions.

Terminating lessons:

A teacher may end a lesson early due to negative behavior, lack of practice, or failure to comply with studio etiquette.

Lesson packages will not be terminated unless there is an agreement from the teacher and parent/guardian or adult student. However, there will be no refund given for ending a lesson package early. However, any leftover lessons may be transferred to another student.